This week has been an amazing one and we wanted to take a few minutes to thank everyone for your kind messages, tags, posts, comments, and just overall support and response to This is War. Bloggers, readers, authors… so many people have reached out to us and it’s humbling and exciting, and honestly our words are not enough to describe our gratitude. Thank you for giving our new little adventure a chance and for loving Viola and Travis as much as we do! WE <3 YOU!

Checkmate: This is Love is coming! I’m sure you’ve seen Winter 2016 posted everywhere. We plan to stick to our date once it’s announced. This is Love will be live sometime in 2016 before the clock strikes midnight on New Years! LOL! Don’t worry, an official announcement will be made and our countdown to This is Love will begin. We’re already in October… so soonish? Go head, call us a tease (again)!


In the meanwhile, if you want to chat all things Checkmate join the Checkmate Kingdom on Facebook. It’s a fun little group that we hangout in at all hours of the day/night. With that being said, if you see us goofing off too much, please feel free to remind us we have a book to finish!

Thanks again for everything! <3


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