This is Love by Kennedy Fox We are so freakin’ excited to announce the release date for This is Love. Just in case you missed our newsletter announcement and our social media blasts, we thought we’d do a post here for you!

Get ready because #THEKINGRETURNS on 12.12.16.  thisislovebanner2

♕Pre-order links are now live for iBooks, Kobo, and Nook.♕

An Amazon pre-order will be available closer to release.

We’ll make sure to keep our links updated HERE too so feel free to check back.
Travis and Viola has stolen our hearts and we love them dearly. As we wrote the ending, we may have shed a few tears. 🙂 Hope you <3 it just as much as we have over the last few months. Eek! Not too much longer now.

I believe we are officially 23 days away!

To say we are excited about the grand finale is an understatement, but don’t fret, we have so much more coming your way. A super special announcement will be in the back of This is Love, so keep a lookout for it!

Oh before we forget, are you a blogger? Would you like an advanced review copy of This is Love? Release day blitz & ARC sign-up:

Thanks so much everyone for your love and support over the last few weeks.
Reading your comments, messages, and emails mean the world to us. We consider each of you a major part of our literary family. You make the long hours writing worth while and keep us laughing and smiling when we pull all-nighters.

But guess what? The countdown starts now! Eep!

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