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Now since our short introduction is out of the way, today we're going to chat with y'all about our process with writing THE BISHOP BROTHERS! Considering KEEPING HIM is releasing in less than 3 weeks, we thought it would be fitting to give you some insight into our writing goals! Also, this is a part of an author blog hop with a bunch of really talented ladies! Make sure you go to their blogs and check out their posts & giveaways too! Don't forget our giveaway at the bottom of this post either!!



Brooke wrote an amazing post describing every little detail about our process in this blog post here! I'd like to encourage you to check it out if you're interested in an in-depth look discussing how we've worked together for the last two years!

This year, we planned to release all of the Bishop Brother books, back-to-back basically. Last year, that wasn't our plan, but that's a whole other blog post…lol. As soon as we finished writing one book, we immediately started the next, which is something we've always done. Chasing Him (Bishop Brothers #3) released on June 28th and a week later we were writing Keeping Him.

I checked our document history because we write together in real time Google Docs, and we didn't really start writing Keeping Him until July 6th. Release days usually slow us down because we're busy with giveaways and hanging out with everyone, so this isn't surprising! We knew this was the last book in the Bishop Brothers series and we'd have to wrap up everything because the brother's books are interconnected. Everyone needed to give birth if they were pregnant and get married if they were engaged. We have character profile documents for each book because sometimes it's hard to keep up with everything, especially considering Jackson first appeared in the Checkmate Duet Series along with the other brothers (This is Reckless/This is Effortless).
Our goal was 120,000 words for this book!

So on July 6th, we made progress and had one chapter completed. lol. July 8th we had two and a half. Usually, at first, it's slow going. With shorter books, like the Checkmate Duet Series, once we hit 30K words, the words just flow onto the pages. Since these books are over 100K, it was around the 60K mark when we just couldn't stop writing. That's truly when it felt like the book seems to write itself.

July 6th – Under 10,000 Words
July 14th –  20,000 Words
July 23rd – 46,000 Words
July 30th – 57,000 Words
August 6th – 67,000 Words
August 10th – 77,000 Words
August 13th – 85,500 Words
August 20th – 123,000 Words
August 23rd – 126,000 Words
After first read through – 127,555

I seriously had to look over this word count and dates again because when I write it out, it blows my mind on how much the two of us can write together. It helps when you have a writing partner that extremely dedicated. Brooke kicked SO MUCH butt, y'all. So super grateful I have a partner that's willing to put in the work and is highly motivated. We worked our booties off and was married to Keeping Him for a good 8 weeks and we're hoping all the fun we had shines through our words. The best part about Jackson and Kiera's story is there wasn't a moment when writing where it felt forced. We were utterly *ADDICTED* to this story and the Bishop Family and writing it never felt like work. It was a dream to write. Sometimes, books are just easy to get through. Though this was the longest, I think it was the easiest. Or maybe I drank too much coffee over the last 8 weeks!

On a serious note, we're both REALLY sad that it's over now. *I won't cry…again.*
Brooke keeps prodding me for a Bishop Kid Series. DON'T. SAY. YOU. WANT. IT.
LOL.. it might happen. WHO KNOWS!

Right now, we don't have a FINAL-FINAL word count because it will change as the book goes through edits and proofs and as it gets tweaked and rewritten, but regardless, this book is a record breaker for the two of us. It's the longest book we've EVER written together. Beforehand Chasing Him held that record. I'm pretty sure, (I never say never), but for a REALLY REALLY long time, Keeping Him will be the word count record holder for us. 127,000 WORDS BLOWS OUR MINDS!

Many of our beta readers have said it reads quick, not like a long drawn out book, which is a plus. I'm sure there will be those who ask us why it's so short too, which always makes us giggle. (It happened with Chasing Him which was 110,000 words, kid you not!) Haha!

Keeping Him is a book about never giving up and second chances. Childhood crushes turned into adult obsessions. Finding light in the darkness. Keeping Him is one of those books that tugs at your soul, frustrates you a little, but in the end leaves you completely satisfied. If you haven't started the Bishop Brothers series yet, you totally should! Taming Him, Needing Him, and Chasing Him are currently enrolled in Kindle Unlimited, so you can read it for free with your subscription. Right now, Keeping Him is on pre-order for iBooks, Kobo, and Nook and it will be released on Sept 18th and stay live for 24 hours then removed and enrolled in Kindle Unlimited on Sept 20th. But don't worry, you can download the Kindle app on any smart device you have! You can read the brothers in any order, but we like to encourage you to start at the beginning because they are interconnected. Now is the perfect time to start considering the grande finale releases in less than 3 weeks!!!

Taming Him – Vacation, Secret Baby Romance – OUT NOW
Needing Him – Work-place, Enemies to Lovers -OUT NOW
Chasing Him – Single dad, Nanny Romance – OUT NOW
Keeping Him – Childhood Friends to Lovers – COMING SOON

Those Bishop Boys look so good together, don't they?










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